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Some Of The Social Media Annoyances You Need To Stay Away From

Twitter trending hashtags are very important. They help users on the world wide web know what is trending and keep up with news around them and all over the world. Brands come in to utilize the trends for their own benefit. However, some people misuse hashtags on twitter and this can be annoying. If you want your brand to be respected, you should stay away from such annoyances.

When it gets bad


Spammers should be controlled on twitter. When we say spammers, we mean people with the behavior of using fake accounts for the sole purpose of unethical promotion. When you start promoting things randomly by jamming your bot accounts and links with popular hashtags and trending topics then you become a spammer. The best advice is to remember that people know what fake accounts and bots look like so they will not follow you.


If you use top twitter hashtags wrongly, you might get followers but most of those followers will be bots and you won’t meet your marketing goals no matter how hard you try.


Tweeting with so many hashtags


Another annoying behavior on twitter is when people tweet with more than four hashtags. Twitter only gives you a few characters to write what you want to tweet. So if you use more than four hashtags, you will be remaining with too few characters to say anything meaningful. And there is a high chance that the hashtags will be unrelated.


Using long hashtags


We understand that you need to use twitter trending hashtags to get the necessary exposure for your brand. However, it is hard to find too long hashtags trending on twitter. If you want to use other hashtags alongside trending hashtags, make sure the hashtags are short and precise. Don’t give people a hard time reading that long hashtag.

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